“Nothing will work unless you do”. — Maya Angelou

Diamond Cut Abs is a book by Danny Kavadlo. He’s a fitness author and instructor from New York and what he’s done with this book is very good indeed. Danny, and his brother, Al, are known for bodyweight training methods and a strong splash of style. When you put those things together, you end up with a great product. But seriously, there are a lot of great books on fitness training, strength training, bodyweight training and especially abdominal training. You can Google the words, “abdominal training” and get a couple million hits. So what sets this book aside from the others?

  • Danny doesn’t take himself so seriously as a GURU. He has fun. That is a breath of fresh air.
  • He starts with a sensible guide about eating. NO, it’s not a nutritional science course. It’s common sense.
  • There is bit about Danny’s history. I like it because it lends perspective and ALL of us can relate.
  • Common sense approach to aerobic lifestyle versus, “metabolic burn” and all that crap.
  • There is NO moralizing about “good” and “bad”. It’s about choice and outcome. That’s refreshing.
  • Graphic design rocks. Danny’s photos are fun, clear and anything but boring.
  • Good progression. Similar exercises of course, there is only so many ways to move, but the integration is sound.
  • This book is more about lifestyle than about pounding yourself to the point of injury.

OK, What didn’t I like? Not much. The lead photo to this review would have been a cooler cover, but it’s extreme and really doesn’t represent the “lifestyle” of fitness. It’s not what Danny or proper training is about since it’s a stunt,.. but cool none the less.

Truthfully if I did a book on abdominal training and the fitness lifestyle, it might be like this. I’m not into the fasting or juice fast world, but fully embrace the coffee and wine,.. but I digress. My advice is to click the link and buy it. It’s worth it and simply showing up and following the advice will change you. CLICK HERE ——> LINK

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